Curly Flat

Curly Flat White Pinot 2022, Macedon Ranges, Vic

by | Apr 3, 2023

Delicate rose style obtained by using the Mariafeldt clone which is whole bunch pressed and held on skins for three hours, barrel fermented, and rested on lees prior to bottling. Sweet strawberry and cherry nose. Lovely dry textural wine with up front primary fruits and maybe a touch of fruit sweetness on the back palate to round out the wine and soften the acidity. Perfect balance.

Vintage: 2022
Rating: Highly Recommended
RRP: $30

Ratings Key:

Outstanding (Score range 95-100)

Often an internationally recognised, leading brand or winery – but not always! Produces a classic wine that is a faultless representation of the style/variety. Complexity on the nose and a seamless palate are an example of the hallmarks of an outstanding wine.

Highly Recommended (Score range 92-94)

A quality focused wine that has plenty of style. Length of palate and intensity are often key characteristics of highly recommended wines. These producers could be the ones to watch in the future.

Recommended (Score range 89-91)

An above average well-made, reflection of the style/variety, which often represents good value for money.